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Common Sense Appraisals specializes in “subject to” appraisals for hard money lenders in the Dallas/Fort Worth area and across the United States of America.  With more than 25 years of construction experience as a general contractor and investor, Ed Nichols has personally inspected thousands of investment properties.  He identifies the deficiencies in a property that keep it from competing at higher market values and the potential cost for associated repairs.  Repair draw disbursements can be a challenge for lenders.  Common Sense Appraisals will be the lenders “2nd eyes” and will inspect and validate the quality and completeness of the project.  This gives the lender the confidence that a draw disbursement is justified.  All appraisals and services are paid for in advance by the borrower/client.    

Note Buyers Counseling Services
As a stable provider of appraisal solutions for the real estate industry for more than 16 years, we work directly with you, attending to pressing and potential value necessities.  Our satisfied clients include prominent real estate developers and investors across the country.

Hard Money Lenders That Fit Your Plan
We understand that complex financial transactions call for flexible solutions and firm comprehension of the fluctuating market and industry phases.  We endeavor to pass along that knowledge so you can secure transactions efficiently and effectively.

  • Affordable Value Analysis
    A proven history of identifying the accurate current market reaction
  • Construction and Interim Financing
    Flexible financing arrangements and access to real estate markets for investors nationwide
  • Owner-Occupied Mortgages
    Financing for owner-occupant purchasing or refinancing a property
  • Real Estate Investor Mortgages Referral System
    Plans customized to meet the needs of the individual investor 
  • Treasury Management Services 
    We offer customized treasury management services for real estate companies, including deposit processing, account management, and reconciliation. We present solutions to increase the efficiency of your operation.

If you're looking to obtain financing or to acquire or expand a single family property for investment or resale, contact Ed Nichols to learn how we can help.


Common Sense Appraisals

209 Mansfield Blvd.
Sunnyvale, TX 75182

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